Digital TV 2050

This software allows you to watch TV and listen to radio on your PC

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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Digital TV 2050 gives you access to live television channels over the Internet.

Digital TV 2050 is a Windows program that gives you access to television channels from around the world. All of these channels are streamed live, and this is a completely legal venture. All of the networks and standalone channels having their content streamed have opted in.

That the program offers a selection from around the world is not an understatement. The dropdown list of countries offers more than a hundred options. You can choose the United States but also England, France and Germany in the West as well as Japan, Philippines and Vietnam in the East.

The channel list is extensive. More importantly, the list of active channels is extensive. However, the program lists all channels that stream without providing a means to filter inactive channels. Sometimes, channels will just be unavailable for whatever reason and the only way to tell often is to click on them. When you find an active channel, the stream quality and reliability is actually quite good.

It helps that Digital TV 2050 uses a peer-to-peer or P2P approach. In other words, everyone watching a channel are sharing pieces of the stream with each other. This means that you are not relying on a single provider to maintain enough bandwidth. The program also provides radio stations from around the world as well as webcams, but that is of questionable use with services like Twitch and Mixer available.

Digital TV 2050 is not the program you want to use if you are looking for the hottest and latest in American television. It is a great way to sample TV content from around the world. There are also prominent U.S. news broadcasters on it, such as CNN, and you can get access to live TV streams that are different than the live streams that are being delivered on its website.

Note that you cannot just use the Digital TV 2050 program. Upon running it, it will require you to log in, which requires an account with the developer. Creating an account requires a valid email address, and some users have complained of spam influx after signing up. At the very least, we recommend that you use an expendable email address rather than one that is important to you.


  • Extensive channel selection
  • Radio channels and webcams too
  • Reliable streaming quality


  • Registration required

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